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Friday, October 15, 2010

Muet 2010 + laksa Penang

aku epy+bahagie+aman+tenang+sejahtera+damai sekarang nie.haha sebelom korang teroskan menitip patah-patah huruf luahan aku nie.ingin aku membuat pengumumuman yang aku sayang mak ayah aku.sayang mereka.waaa..i love u mum n dad very much.tengs being my saver.tengs being my motivator.u r an awesome parent.hah.da start cakap orang putih dah.hihi.disebabkan banyak bende yang aku mahu cite.so.i decide to make a list.ala-ala order to list gitu.ahaks.

1. first of all.before the day that i supposed to attend the MUET.my beloved spectacle was broken.erghhhhhhhhhhhh..it was making me down.and i thought it was all over.i cannot see clearly.even the test was speaking not require reading or anything.it was also a little bit make me uncomfortable. then, i told my parent and tried to hold my tears from falling down. because at that time it was already at 7.30 p.m.most of the shops were closed.ohhh.very poor me. dad take me and mum to the town and fortunately.there were an open spectacles shop.so. we shop till we dropp.haha.not lahh.quickly i walked into the shop and told the salesgirl to repair mine.but it was no warranty if something happen when repairing. so,dad told to choose one new spectacles.haha.very surprised and shocked.it was really heaven to me.tengs dad.ilysm.hehe.then.choose and still choosing the new ones,till i had take a lot of times.n lastly.i choose the one.haha.i dunno wat its colour was.and the most important,i was very comfortable wearing it.yeahhh..then,went back to home with a new spectacles make me more confident to answer the speaking muet.hehe.goodluck for me.i did my best in the test.chaiyok.chaiyok.:)

2. i noe that i'm not good in english. n i always use the broken english.huhu.but.i dun care.i want to try writing this entry in english.huhu. MUET was very make me crazy. speak a lot n i really dunno how my performance to the examiners. the topic is quite easy and interesting.n i like that topic very much.haha. if i can,i want to talk about it longer but in malay la.can i?hehehe THE SPECIAL TEACHER AWARDS SHOULD BE GIVEN TO WHO? haha, quite interesting right?. candidate a : the teacher that produce the best students higher in academic performance. candidate b : the creative teacher candidate c: the caring teacher and candidate d : teacher whose has giving longest services to the school.me? i as a candidate c.haha, i luv it. maybe it was a luck for me because my friend, imran yazid was being candidate b and a senior from DQ as candidate a. there were no candidate d coz three person were absent.huhu.it was really waste right. overall.i was very satisfied with my members.haha.tengs yepp giving me opportunity to speak. n also support my ideas.haha.very proud i think.haha.blushing.blushing. n all da best for becoming MUET test.haha.really forgot about that. ^_^
    p/s :fatin ierah ckp : exactly,you've hit the nail on the road. :)

3.  haha.okeyh.all above were happened yesterday and yesterday,hehe.i was a little bit lazy to write anything during the two days.haha.forgive me yepp my dearest readers. i noe u love me right.haha. perasan kan cik kim nie.haha. like i care? :p

4.  today.15 october 2010.haha. a nice day.with clear sky.soft wind.haha n of cos i'm very happy. u noe what? i learn cooking laksa penang.haha.dun jugde book by its cover!sedap.tasty.delicious.haha. adik aku cakap cam makan laksa kat kedai.warghhhhh.makin kembang la aku.haha. the truth is mak aku yang masak.aku tukang gaul je.haha.out of the blue, something happened,haha mak aku tak ingat resipi dier,aduyaiii..dan aku denagn pantasnye menyuruh adik aku google resipi tu.haha.oke i found it.so kire aku jadik penyelamat la kan.alahai.cam the guardians tuhhh.hihihi. n aku lah jadik tukang rasenye,tukang hiris ulam-ulamnye,tukang rebus telur,tukang tengok dan yang paling penting tukang makan.hehe tengs mummy,it was a great lakse penang.very delicious.auwwww.overall.kesemua adik-adik aku makn macam tak ingat dunai.haha.sampai menjilat jari gitu n mangkuk licin semacam jekk.hehe ^_^
     p/s: esok-esok nak masak ape ehh?tape.mr google ade.hehe

4. dushhh,miss my bestfren damn much.huhu,.goodluck for ur ppsmi yepp wanie. do the best.n i always pray for ur success.amin:)

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