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Thursday, May 12, 2011

day FIVE : 10 wishes

and happy thursday to everyone. * esok kim cuti ! hehee
@@ FIFTH day @@
10 wishes

  • i want to stay healthy and live happily with my beloved family and friends.
  • further my studies in TESL course. be a useful person and successful student.
  • have my own driving licenses. BOTH. car and motorcycle.
  • go to the KLPac watching some interesting theatre with the lecturers and friends again.
  • be more independent and can do the wiser decision in my life.
  • menunaikan umrah bersama ibubapa dan keluarga.
  • jumpa 'someone' yang akan guide i untuk jadi seorang yang lebih baik.
  • get good job like being teacher and then can make my parent proud of me.
  • built a big and beautiful house for my parent.
  • have my own family with responsible husband and kids.

may all dreams become true !
who knows one day nanty my car pulak park dekat situ ? hehee.
the END.